NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO Tennis Worldchampion - ATP World Tour Finals 2009 in London - Photo: Pierre Doignies
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The polyester pioneer in tennis strings

Synthetic strings are standard nowadays, making up over 90 percent of the market. In addition to their very good playability they are generally durable as well as easy to maintain and optimize. In 1981 POLY STAR introduced the first monofilament synthetic string marking the advance of synthetic strings.

The tennis boom of the eighties

Unlike the multifilament string, comprised of several fibers twisted together, the monofilament synthetic string consists of a single fiber. Our company name soon became synonymous with "monofilament polyester string," setting quality standards which spurred on further developments. The market for strings was suddenly transformed. More and more people took a liking to what was once an elite sport, becoming the driving force of a rapidly expanding tennis boom.

And it holds and holds and holds...

Brian Gottfried and Horst
Schulze 1983 in Cologne
The first well-known player to use POLY STAR strings was American Brian Gottfried, a world-class player of the 1970's and 1980's. He first used the 1.2 millimeter string at an indoor tournament in Vienna in 1983. The string held for the entire tournament week, including practice, accompanying him to a victorious finish! It should be noted, however, that Brian Gottfried played a classic game, seldom using strokes which put a heavy strain on the strings, such as topspin or slice.

POLY STAR fans - both amateurs and top-class athletes

Doubles team Michael Stich and Armin Kopf
on the courts of the "Amberg am Schanzel" tennis club in the 1980's

Yones el Aynaoui
Yones el Aynaoui
Polyester strings soon caught the attention of the international tennis circuit and it wasn't long before top players such as Carlos Costa, Alberto Berasategui, Younés El Aynaoui and Michael Stich became devoted fans of POLY STAR. It was the amateur scene, however, where they caught on fastest. Particularly in the German tournament scene more and more players began opting for monofilament synthetic strings. During the 1980's, about seventy of the top hundred players in the German Tennis Association (DTB) were using POLY STAR strings.

„Made in Germany“ for more than 30 years

Nikolay Davydenko
The tennis-string market has gradually expanded, with many producers around the world now offering their products. From product development to international distribution, POLY STAR tennis strings have been a German product since 1981. Our bestseller is POLY STAR "classic." Continually modified to meet the changing needs of players, it has nonetheless retained its essential qualities over the years. The "energy" string was added to our product line in 2004, a somewhat softer and more flexible string than classic. Our new "turbo" with star profile will be introduced on the occasion of our 27th anniversary. The newly developed product with its high-grip surface offers ideal characteristics for topspin and slice.


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